***Before you proceed with reserving the church (Gathering room or Sanctuary) please check the Calendar tab to see if your date is available. ***

To Use Gathering Room/Sanctuary
1. Must be a member at least 21 years of age (exceptions can be made on a case by case basis).
 2. Member will be required to attend and accept responsibility for the entire event and will sign a contract.
3. While members can use the limited facilities, a refundable cleaning/security deposit will be required when  facility is booked and the contract is signed.
4. Non-members may not book the church facilities.
5. Parties are to last no more than 4 hrs. (This includes set up, party and clean up.)  
6. Signing member will set up a time to pick up a key from the church secretary during office hours.
7. If something comes up and the signing member is unable to attend the event, they must make arrangements  with a security team member to attend and monitor the event. Security team must be paid $50/hour to be paid in cash directly to that person, for time and inconvenience.  
8. No fee will be charged for the funeral of a member's family or of a member.  
9. Key must be returned to secretary.
10. Security Deposit will be returned after the inspection and key is returned to the church secretary.

For Parties/Small Events:
A. Refundable Fee $50 (due when booking).
B. Only gathering room and bathrooms near gathering room are to be used.
C. The Sanctuary, Children’s Wing, Youth Room, Sunday School Rooms, Church Offices are off limits.  
D. Cleaning- Member must ensure Gathering Room and bathrooms are cleaned after the event.  
E. Floors swept and mopped; trash cans emptied; bathrooms cleaned, tables and chairs returned to original  positions.
Note: We suggest that you take a picture prior to moving anything so you can put things back in  the proper place.
F. NOTE: Please DO NOT remove anything that is attached to the walls in the Gathering Room or any décor  items located on the cabinets or shelves in the Gathering Room.  
G. IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT use any of the church's coffee, drinks, snack, etc., during your party or small event. These are purchased for usage during church services and events only.

A. Refundable Fee $200.00 (when you pick up the key).
B. Only Sanctuary, Gathering Room, Green Room and bathrooms are to be used.
C. The Children’s Wing, Youth Room, Sunday School Rooms, and Church Offices are off limits.
D.  Church will be reserved for the day before wedding for decorating and the day of the wedding.
E. Cleaning:
• Gathering room- swept, mopped, trash cans emptied, tables and chairs back in original positions
• Sanctuary-swept, mopped, chairs in original position
• Green Room- cleaned and trash emptied
• Bathrooms- cleaned and trash emptied

In order to complete your reservation, you must bring your deposit to the office, sign the usage policy, and the church secretary will give you further instructions regarding your reservation. The church office phone number is 864-345-5460, open Monday through Thursday 9-1:30.